10 Reasons why Restaurants need an app

Restaurant owners, have you ever wondered how you can take the next step and revolutionize your industry? We’re not talking about new menus or ingredients sourced from far away countries – instead we’re concentrating on something far simpler but equally as impressive.

Welcome to PC Futures. We can provide your restaurant with an iPhone and Android app designed specifically for YOUR business, putting your business in the pocket of your customers 24/7.  Better yet, we give you the chance to make people aware of the features that really set your restaurant apart.

Below are the 10 reasons why restaurants need an app.

1) Food Ordering System – Our SKYRUNNER apps has a fully integrated and functional food ordering system.  This system is simple to use and easily displays your restaurant’s full menu.  Your customers can order their meals straight from their phone and the professoinal images help support the sale of any signature dishes.  Adding to that it can take payment from any card or paypal direct to you AND even send the order to the printer in the kitchen to be cooked, it really is that simple.

2) Push Notifications – Sending out free push notifications to all your customers via your app is quick and easy, not to mention cheaper than text message marketing.  Do you have a special deal tonight? A new menu maybe? A guest chef for 1 night only? Well, now you can publicise your message to your customers and unlike an email, push notifications automatically appear on your customer’s phone. A great way to catch passive dinners and to tempt in regualr guests.

3) Loyalty Offers – Your customers love a bargain. What better way to encourage repeat purchases than to incentivise them with your own loyalty scheme. Big chain’s do this and you can too.  By offering QR coupons and loyalty tabs, your customers can redeem these vouchers easily and quickly after each order.  You set the peramiters so it can’t be abused and away you go.

4) Social Interaction – Word of mouth marketing is one of the most effective ways to create a “buzz” about your business. With an app, your customers can easily comment, rate and recommend your restaurant on Facebook and Twitter to their friends. This is a great way to increase your online presence and keep your restaurant at the front of your customers mind.

5) Table Reservation – How easy is it for your customers to reserve their table at your restaurant.  With SKYRUNNER it’s as simple as few clicks.  Our reservation system makes it so simple that people will want to use it again.

All your customers have to do is pick their date, time and specify how many guests and voila- they’re booked in.

6) Directions – Imagine your customers want to visit your restaurant but are new to the area and don’t know the way. Our app offers an easy solution – GPS directions from their current location straight to your front door!

This makes it easy for customers to locate your restaurant and enjoy your menu with a few clicks on their app.   Taking this a step further we can direct them first to car parking or other places and afterwards to nearby places of interest or the local taxi rank.

7) Events – Does your restaurant hold events? Themed nights? Cooking classes? Well with SKYRUNNER you can display all your events within your own app.  Customers can then view your events and add these to their phones calendar and even set reminders. Why not compliment this with a push notification prior to the event – just to remind those late stragglers and of any offers for early bookings!

8) Competitive Advantage – The vast majority of restaurants still rely on traditional methods of marketing, whether that is through promotional literature to word of mouth.  Why not step into the 21st century and use the full potential of mobile marketing for your restaurant.  It is the easiest and cheapest way to reach a wide audience.

9) Gallery – Lets face it, everyone loves taking pictures when they’re out and about. Why not harness that tendency and channel it to your restaurant. With SKYRUNNER you can allow customers to submit photos of their visit to your restaurant to enter your facebook album. You could even run a competition off the back of this, every customer who submits a photo automatically gets entered into a prize draw to win a free meal. Get creative and get your customers clicking.  It is all about brand loyalty and extra revenue but also getting to see people enjoying your business.

10) Market Research – Your restaurant app is a great way for you to conduct some vital market research from your customers. Are you thinking of diversifying your menu? Offering a new service? Maybe you’re thinking of a new theme night for your restaurant? Great, just use your app to run a quick poll to gather your customers opinions. This information can be priceless when you’re looking to make changes to your restaurant.

Building an app is easy to do, but building the right app for your restaurant is something you should leave to PC Futures. From design to submission, we can help you deliver an app that you can be proud to call yours and can really help your restaurant engage with your customers.

If you want to generate more loyalty, more customers and improve your bottom line, contact us today for a free demo that will relate to your business!

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