Accelerate Facilities WordPress Website

Accelerate Facilities were referred to us from one of our Ipswich IT Support partners.

We entered a tender process for the project to rebuild the website, after presenting to the board and chosen members of the Accelerate Team we were delighted to win the process and start the build of Accelerate facilities new WordPress website.

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Accelerate Facilities WordPress Website


They had an existing WordPress Website but it was old and out of date.  The site also had too much text and no clearly defined services that a viewer would be able to quickly navigate through.

It was clear we had to not only build a new WordPress website we also had to work on copy writing and design as both had been neglected in the existing site.


During our regular project meetings we tasked Accelerate Facilities with clearly defining their services, this might sound straight forward but like many businesses they know what they do but have difficulty in saying it clearly and concisely, we knew this would be a challenge but well worth the time to resolve.

We chose a premium theme in WordPress that we knew would be able to scale up to meet any future changes to the site in both content and design and also because we knew that Accelerate Facilities would want to update content themselves so we wanted to ensure the page builder and content management tools were easy for them to use.


The project went live in January 2020 and has proven to be an instant hit with customers and prospects of Accelerate.

We effectively ‘gave the keys’ to Accelerate Facilities internal sales team to manage and maintain the site themselves.

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