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PC Futures Ltd are delighted to work with local charity Age UK Suffolk to produce an online shop for their customers and supporters to use.  PC Futures Ltd met with the local team at Age UK Suffolk to talk over what they needed the shop to do and how best to deliver this.

Age UK provide vital services to many people around the country.  To further support the people in the region Age UK Suffolk wanted a full e-Commerce syste, which was easy to use and delivered results.  We at PC Futures Ltd were able to deliver the right web design, with a simple and effective WordPress website.

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Age UK Suffolk Reach More

Age UK Suffolk have always had a good reach in the community but they wanted to reach more.  They wanted a suitable place to showcase the local products which they could provide for people in need.

The fundraising team and IT team worked with us to create a list of what they wanted the site to do.  Also, how they wanted the products and their brand positioned.  All of this we took on-board.

One of our directors met a number of times during and after the business to impart training and knowledge on this project.

The build went well and according to plan as did the set up of the site.  There are hundreds of products in the site and we manage the hosting, maintenance and back up of whole website.

This is nice for us as it enables us to give something back to the community.  Also, this site will enable Age UK Suffolk to do more with its resources and to help more people.

As a result the client is very pleased with the site and able to manage and run the shop part themselves after some basic training.  We are delighted to have worked with such a wonderful charity.

We are also delighted to say the site began talking order very quickly as word of it spreads.

If you would like to speak with us about how you can better market and grow your business please feel free to call on 01473 527423 or contact us here.

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