API Integration

API Integration stands for application programming interface which sounds complicated, but it can be broken down into a more non-technical way of thinking.
The types of API’s we work on are usually to enable two pieces of software to talk to one another and this can be done for many reasons. Chiefly to improve business efficiency or to get around some technical.

Below are some of the ways we’ve helped businesses to rethink how their IT systems can become more interconnected.

  • To get your sales website to monitor and update a stock control system.

  • Enabling parts of your IT system speak to a mobile app.

  • To have your CRM system talk to other parts of the business.

  • To add new features to an existing software package which others need access too.

  • Adding new features and plugins for WordPress websites

  • To reduce workloads on existing software systems

  • Ensuring specific data is shared from existing systems to other parts of the business.

  • Making your business more efficient by giving better management information to departmental leads and directors

API’s are powerful software tools but often they are invisible, they make our lives easier and they can offer new leases of life to software of any age.

So, if you would like help with an existing API or a new one speak to us, as we have a wealth of experience in this area.

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