The BarberClub App and Directory

We were approached by a business owner who wanted to do more for the industry that he had been in for many years.  Our client had a solid understanding of the barber industry and given the impact of COVID he knew the sector had to change.

Previously most men recognised going into a barber shop, sitting down waiting to be called for a haircut.  It was far more fluid than a traditional women’s hairdressing salon because the cuts didn’t take so long.

However, our client saw the direction of traffic and knew that traditional barbers could no longer have customers waiting around on the sofa’s to be called for their haircut.

Things needed to be booked in and planned to keep contact to an absolute minimum.   So, his solution was a mobile app with both an ad-hoc queue system and a full on managed booking system.


We had spent a long time speaking with the founder of the BarberClub app talking about what was needed.  Views and design and how best features could work to make the most of mobile app technology.  Also, to answer the needs he felt the industry had.

This planning helped to streamline the process and to enable us to focus in on what users and the barber shops themselves are likely to need.

This Project Required:

  1. A bespoke web portal to handle the admin for the barber shops.
  2. A mobile app for both Android and Apple users.


Development went well and according to plan.  The app’s features worked well and enabled us to get a good looking app with all it’s component parts.

So much so that the client has then added additional features to the platform as new work, giving users even more to engage them.

Loyalty System – working with either QR codes or passcodes it enables barber shops to reward repeat customers in a range of ways.

Jobs – To help wit COVID and it’s effects.  The BarberClub app has it’s own mini job board in it for barbers to use to attract new talent.

Booking System – A full, time-sensitive and intuitive booking system.


The site was launched during lockdown and already we’ve it has seen a significant uptake in downloads and users.  As it’s engagement is growing nicely the future looks bright for the BarberClub app which you can download now.

Our client has huge plans for this business and as lockdown eases we can see it doing very well indeed.

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