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Barton Electrical App by PC Futures

Barton Electrical is an Ipswich based electrical contractor with an enviable reputation. The businesses owner has always been ahead of the technology curve and with the help of PC Futures we aim to keep them there.  All of their engineers are equipped with the latest tools of the trade and they remain connected via iPads and smartphones ensuring as seamless an operation as possible for their customers.  All this aside they want to offer them even more.

At a recent business event PC Futures were asked by the owner of Barton Electrical at a business event and he asked us what an app could do for his business?

The Answer?

We discussed how he currently operates and suggested that as people of all generations are now comfortable with smartphone and tablet technology it would enable him to leave a permanent business card.

People are rarely away from their phones for long these days, it is part of modern life.  So when they need an electrician or they want to recommend one they go to the app and direct their friends to it.  This gives Barton Electrical a permanent shop window to keep people aware of what their company and staff can do.

It removes the risk of his business card being lost or someone appearing above him in an internet search.  People have the app on their phone and can call at the touch of a button.

With a host of other features included like a tech cam we then secured the order for Barton Elec, the app.

Best of all by using our SKYRUNNER technology Barton Electrical’s marketing team and back office staff can update their app with no IT experience or further costs.  It is 100% client controlled.

The BenefitsBarton Electrical App Services Screen Shot

  • App Branding – The app matches the look and feel that Barton Electrical already have.  The white text on a black background looks very clean and easy to read.
  • Competition Offerings – Barton Electrical run a range of a unfinished
  • Emergency Contact Button – A simple but critical function for people to call an electrician when they need help.  It uses the native functions of the phone and calls straight away.
  • Surveys – If they want to capture data from users they can simply with the app.  This takes them only minutes to set up and appears live in the app.
  • Tech Cam – If someone has an electrical fault they can take a picture of the issue and send it to the team so they can ensure they have the right parts before they turn up on site.
  • Service Requests – People with existing maintenance agreements can request warranty repairs to be carried out through the app.
  • News – The app can keep people up to date with the latest developments in the industry AND Barton Electrical.
  • Push Messages – A free messaging facility to keep users up to date on Barton Electrical’s latest developments.

The app has had a good range of competition entrants so far despite only being live for a short while.  It is organic and will develop, change and grow over time.  It is a tool to make the business more accessible for existing customers of Barton Electrical and those in need of qualified, electrical assistance.

To download the Barton Electrical App for Apple users click below:

Apple Download link for ISSBA

To get the app for Android users please click below:






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