A Business Focussed IT Supplier

Rather than building a job at PC Futures we are committed to building a business.  A company with its eyes on the future, with sustainable growth development.  How are are we doing this? – with Office 365.

As a business owner I can do all the usual stuff you would expect with Office but there are some other treats in store like Skydrive, (no need any more for a USB drives), improved version control, multi install options (up to 5 devices per user.

Add to that, no licensing issues and 8 bits of software that all integrate – Word, Excel, Outlook, PowerPoint, OneNote (notepad for creating massive documents), Access (database), Publisher (awesome publishing tool for blogs and websites/print) & Link (a cool rival to Skype).

Word 2013A Business Focussed IT Supplier, Word 2013

Word 2013 comes with all the standard features of previous versions of Word (it seems everything before has remained).

Version Control

Version control for anyone who needs to write on-going documents (training manuals or tenders etc).  Save it in the Skydrive and anyone, or you, can work ANYWHERE on just the one version of the document.  Never work on an out of date one again (like I have).

Reading Features

If you have an important document to read, the greatly improved reading options enable you to make reading on a screen much, much easier.  Flip page buttons and all sorts make the whole user experience nicer giving things less of a ‘work’ feel to them.

Open and Edit PDFs

What a pain it is constantly messing about with remote websites to edit a PDF.  Now it’s simple, do it all in Word and still save it back as a PDF, simple!

Better Layout Options

Get text to fix in a box for invoices or presentations – it is really simple now.

Publish Online

We all need to upload things from time to time.  It’s easy and all done inside Office 365.

If you need a website Word can actually help edit it and even publish direct to sites like ours.  Our site is made through SharePoint (free with Office 365).  The site is built, maintained and the SEO work is carried out using Microsoft tools we all use every day.  It really is that simple, we set it up and away you go, managing it in Word.

Impressive huh, no developers needed!


Worth a mention on its own.  A personal drive of up to 8 GB for yourself and another company wide one of around 100 GB make it excellent.  I can kiss goodbye to my USB drive and most of the other little tools like this.  This used to be called Skydrive but it was renamed in 2014.

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