Business Social Media for Beginners


In this day and age almost everybody is on social media. Immediately businesses have started realising that increasing their digital presence is vital. Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest being some of the most popular social media platforms but their are thousands out there.


Most social media users have an app for that particular platform, the Facebook app has literally millions of downloads so it’s smart to make sure you have a business profile set up for the popular apps. Whether you’d like to log into your business profile on a app which would then be in your reach 24/7 is completely up to you it all depends on your involvement and desire to stay active.  When your business joins social media customers and potential customers are never too far away from you which is great because within a few swipes and taps they’re able to access your content with people being busy and not necessarily wanting to or having the time to open up a browser to find whatever they’re looking for this is perfect. This is also where you should also consider getting an app for your business. Making sure your content works smoothly throughout different devices is important. For example, a profile picture may look absolutely fine on a desktop version of Twitter however you must keep in mind many people will be viewing from phones, tablets etc. so for them it could easily be cut out of frame and be pixelated and grainy this may not seem like a big deal but it can look unprofessional and indicates you couldn’t be bothered and that’s not how you want to be perceived at all.


Many businesses and large companies actually deal with complaints, questions and queries via their social media which is a fast and efficient way for you to interact with customers, this also allows you to receive constructive criticism and work on it but also know what you’re doing which is a very helpful way of letting you know what you’re doing well allowing you to carry on. One company that is really good with dealing with complaints is Tesco with their humorous and lighthearted responses most complaints are dealt with in a manner that leaves everyone smiling. To see how Tesco dealt with that complaint click here. However, there is a fine line between being humorous and distasteful which you must be careful about, a bad reputation is never good for any business.  A company who have had quite a few bad social media incidents with bad humour and hacking incidents are Virgin Media Airlines. For a bad example click here.

How people can find you

When you’ve just made your social media making sure people can easily find it on your website is important, whether its listed under ‘Contact Us’ or somewhere else make sure you have it somewhere noticeable you should have it so when people click it should easily take them to your profile page. You can also attach your social media to the bottom of your email. You may be wondering how people stay up to date with what you’re posting, with most social media platforms providing a follow or like button which basically allows people to actively view whatever you post on some form of timeline or news feed you reach an audience with each post. Some platforms actually allow you to view the engagement and views from what you post and even offer paid services which boost your content to an even larger audience bringing in what should be new potential customers.

Staying Active

Keeping your social media active is very important, staying active throughout your social media makes it almost impossible for people to forget about your product/service. Even if they’re not in immediate need of what you’re selling the goal is for them to think of your business whenever the time is appropriate. Keeping up with your social media can be difficult but luckily there’s tools out there such as Hootsuite or Tweet Deck where you can schedule posts throughout the week ensuring there is something posted at least once a day. Tweet Deck is just for twitter however Hootsuite caters to most social media and can post the same thing to various social media accounts, it all depends what social media platform you feel is best for your target audience and works best for you as a business.


There may seem like there’s a lot of information here to process but with time and patience you’ll be able to grasp whatever social media you have decided to join and achieve improving your businesses social media presence.