A custom website for a local author C P Sennett

One of our directors writes books and has had a number published. He spoke with his publisher and wanted some space to show off and create and share new content. The point of this is to help promote his books and to share information with readers and fans.

It’s a personal space to show off what he writes about and some of his work. It also interlinks as a marketing tool with Amazon to help drive downloads to the relevant Amazon pages.


C P Sennett had an existing WordPress site and it was mobile responsive. The reason for this was to build a site with new features in it as part of the site rather than shoehorning something in. The existing C P Sennett site was well established but it needed a bit of re-ordering of things and better looking graphics.

The funny thing with Craig being a director at PC Futures he isn’t a graphic designer. So this part of the site was passed to our design team and they set about (around other projects) to deliver a site which looked the part and matches where he wanted his site to be.

The site was already hosted and backed up by us so it was a matter of taking the existing content and tailoring it to a more modern design.


Craig had a clear idea as to what he wanted for the look and feel of the new site so there wasn’t too much info gathering needed. He sat with the rest of the team and we created a project brief. Once we worked out the parts to this the team members working on this site then began work.


When finished Craig ended up with a site which didn’t look home-made but it reflected how he works when writing. The different sections of the site suit the subject matter and it links in with Amazon and Smashwords for people to be able to download the book titles they want.

His site gets great traffic and we know this helps with his books sales.