Carlson Transport move away from their Flash Website to WordPress

PC Futures were contacted by Carlson Transport as they wanted to get a new look website that better reflected their brand. Having struggled with a VERY old looking animated site they wanted something which fitted where the business was at.


When Carlson Transport contacted us we spoke with them about what they wanted in their site. They wanted something modern which was where they went a long time ago with their animated site. Sadly at the time it would have been cutting edge but technology moves so fast that it dated quickly. Part of our remit was to have something which would look better for longer.

We also looked at many of the images they had taken of their fleet of trucks and set about incorporating this into the new sites design.


Over time we have gotten to know the business owner very well but at the begining we needed to understand what suited him and his management team. What matched the company status and how they wanted to use the site.

Recruitment is a big part of the transport industry as driver recruitment and retention helps them generate revenue. They also wanted to be able to showcase what they do and for the site to act as a reference point for the business.

We used WordPress to deliver a mobile responsive website for this Essex based business and we feel it looks perfect for the company and how they are.


Having finished the site it gets good traffic and really reflects the business and the industry it’s in. We used and adapted some great visuals leaving a haulage business with a good web presence which will last for a significant period of time. We’ve added the ability for them to sell vehicles from theirt fleet of trucks as well and the site is evolving with them.

It helps them better recruit new drivers which also adds significant value to the business which is great.