Charities Online

The digital age has changed everything in marketing not only for businesses but also for charities who have to compete harder for people’s attention in a consistently crowded space.Charity Websites, charities online, apps for charities

So what are the essential tools charities online will need?


First and most obviously charities online will need an eye-catching website.  In previous new and blog posts we have provided some guidance for start-ups, about what they need to consider when commissioning a website and how to grab peoples attention.  Some of these are also relevant for charities as with less government funding channels they look harder now to secure the support of businesses and the public.

Potential supporters and donors will expect to be able to find out about the charity and its work online in today’s digital world.  Crucially (for the charity) people will want to know how they can support you and to potentially donate securely, if they wish to.

A charity website will need good, sensitive and eye-catching design that illustrates the charity’s message and inspires trust whilst building identity.  Charities need trust these days as much as they need goodwill from the public and their supporters as there has been no shortage of CEO’s pay in the media which has shaken the confidence of givers.

An online presence is vital in today’s world of business and the 3rd sector, more so now than its ever been.

Be distinctive with branding and give a very clear message!

Good quality pictures and videos are essential to giving people an understanding of which demographic or cause your charity is working to help.  Make sure you illustrate the positive outcomes you give to those you help, its great for people to see the types of good a charity does.  This can really affect the support you get so you can carry on your work.

With the online description of your charity it needs to be clear and backed up with a positive message about the good it can or has already done.

A FAQ page is a great place to share additional information for charities online.  This is a spot to answer some of those fairly obvious questions you may get from people new to helping your organisation.

An events page is good also if you are involved in this sort of thing.  Also, if you work with other charities in your sector that may be larger the it is a chance to help other groups who may be more event focused.

Over the years we have worked with a number of charities online and off.  We have seen the hard work the people in these organsisations do and the benefits they give to those they help.  Make sure your site balances the trials people face with some of the good you do.  If you target specific illnesses like cancer or specific age groups then be sure to say this.  If you have any relevant patrons then say so.

One of the biggest messages for a charity though (aside from social media activity) is your website should change.  It should evolve as well, talking about how much you have raised, testimonials from those you have helped and why others keep supporting you.

It is about tastefully standing out.  There are many cancer charities both local, national and international and telling them all apart isn’t always easy for people wanting to help. Companies looking to give corporate support will want to know exactly where the money is going and you’re website can pull in people as easily as it can put them off.

If you would like to know more on this feel free to contact us on 01473 527423.

What can an app do for a charity?

As increasing numbers of people browse the internet using their mobile phones and other devices it’s important to have what’s called a responsive website, and that it’s as easy to read on a phone as it is on a PC or laptop screen.

However, using an app with its own innovate content can have some really great effects for a charity.  In addition (when used in conjunction with a responsive website) you can share some critical content to further reinforce a message.

With an app it is important that it has a point to it.  Repeating the old content of your website all over again isn’t the way to go BUT reaching a wider audience is the way to go.  An app via Push Messages can give a gentle, but constant reminders and to help raise the profile of fundraising and events in general.  These serve as a free way to keep your charity gently in the minds of your supporters.  For more information on the power of Push Messages please click here or make contact with us.

There are many other benefits for people wanting to improve their charities online presence via an app.

  • Users can call your organisation by simply by tapping a button.
  • If you’re running a fund raising event, users can use their devices’ GPS to locate it and instantly get directions if you’re on foot of in a car, without having to manually input your address.
  • You can integrate social media to enable users to easily share content with friends and followers.
  • You can make it easier to make and take donations.
  • Launch specific appeals in real time with push messages, these are free to send and avoid being put into email junk boxes.  It is real time and gets a good response.

At PC Futures we are web and app experts and we have a long history of working in many forms with charities.  We are looking to help bosot the numbers of charities online so they can continue doing their good work.

If you would like to know more contact us on 01473 527423 or email us through the site.