E-Commerce development using WooCommerce

Solving The Problem

Update January 2019 – We are delighted to know Custom ID Card has been sold to a new owner having left it’s group ownership.  We are pleased to still be supporting them as things progress and the site is still in great health, even into late 2020.

Custom ID Cards has a strong presence on eBay and Amazon but they wanted to look at improving their e-commerce site sales. We first engaged with them to develop an SEO strategy for their Amazon portfolio, however it became clear that they were losing revenue in seller fees and wanted their own website redeveloped to take more orders and develop their own online presence.

Putting A Plan in Place

The first thing we did was use our simple 5 step question process to determine broadly what their users are likely to want on the website. Then we delved deeper to find out what extra features they may want on their new website. This was a good web development project for us, and one that gave us plenty to get stuck into.

We determined that some time would be needed to ‘re-align’ their products to be slightly different from the Amazon and eBay offerings. We did this by changing the products to bulk quantities as the our client wanted to streamline the handling process of their sales. We also looked at payment methods, quantity discounts and post code based carriage charges that change by weight of the combined shopping cart. On top of this we developed a comprehensive SEO plan to ensure an excellent return on search results in Google and other browsers.

A simple e-commerce site was the brief, but more importantly one that would make money and pay for the reinvestment.

Delivering Results

Once the plan had been agreed we started work on the web development of the site, this involved putting a fast hosting package together with a development web address so the customer could see the progress of the site and not be surprised at the end! We worked with the manufacturer to obtain images for use in the shop and built the site as per the plan.

Once the site had been built we then configured WooCommerce and other plugins to deliver the functionality required. The end result being a complex set of code behind the scenes ensuring all of the customer’s requirements were met.

We then handed the site over to our SEO team who ensured that there were keywords and descriptions against every product and service to ensure maximum impact with search engines. The trick here was to keep the SEO strong BUT to ensure the site was logical and easy to use – in short the best of both worlds.

The Results

The e-commerce site is now live and continuing to smash sales targets we put in place to prove effectiveness. The visuals are better, orders are rising and the site is continually evolving. Exactly what an e-commerce site should be doing.

” I wanted the cost of development to be covered by the sales the site generated within 12 months, we are well on course to hit this target within 6 months!”

“The site works really well for us and we are seeing some excellent feedback from customers who are now spending more with us”.

Martin Crowson, Custom ID Cards