Cut Energy Costs and Reduce Carbon

Reduce Energy and Carbon with Green-Sky from PC FuturesManage your energy consumption on your IT Infrastructure with GREEN-SKY.

Energy bills continue to rise and there seems very little chance of them falling, the pressure is on to reduce costs and saving on energy costs is becoming a hot topic.  The EU is looking at legislation to require businesses of all shapes and sizes to monitor and reduce their carbon emissions, so finding a solution that can save on energy costs, reduce carbon footprint and effectively pay for itself is now at the forefront of organisations thinking. We think we have the solution!

We are pleased to announce our new energy usage management and monitoring tool GREEN-SKY.  For a small monthly fee per device GREEN-SKY will regulate your IT systems to help reduce energy wastage, CO2 emissions and more importantly energy costs.

By using fully manageable intelligent energy saving policies for multiple users, organisational groups or even individual computers.  When you create a new policy it automatically predicts what energy savings applying it would be.

GREEN-SKY has a full cloud based management and reporting system allowing organisations to manage and report on their energy saving profile.

Reduce Energy and Carbon with Green-Sky from PC Futures

GREEN-SKY key Features

  • Intelligent Activity Detection – determines user inactivity through user interactions with the keyboard and mouse, appropriate buffers applied to allow for screen reading.
  • Web Service Communication – utilises GREEN-SKY web services to both send data and retrieve policy configurations from GREEN-SKY Management system.
  • Offline-Mode – upon losing connectivity, records data locally and batch updates are then made to the service upon re-establishing connectivity.
  • Personal Data – user is able to view their own personal data in terms of their personal energy savings, current energy saving policy etc.
  • Manual Override – user has the ability to manually override power saving policy at any given time.
  • Auto Save Work – automatically saves unsaved work prior to executing any power saving policy action.
  • Protect Applications – detects protected applications or URLs according to organisation policy and prevents policy action.
  • Advanced Power Management – client service runs within and outwith user sessions (e.g. effective at the login prompt, during system boot-up etc.)
  • Multiple OS Support – support for Windows XP Service Pack 2, Windows Vista, Windows 7 as well as standard Linux distributions.
  • Anytime Anywhere Access- cloud-based service supported by solid infrastructure, means you can access and manage your GREEN-SKY system, anytime and anywhere
  • Live Statistics – live statistics available at any given time to show an organisation snapshot of overall savings, usage, emissions, display screen break compliance etc.
  • Interactive Reports – detailed interactive reports allow users to interact with the data, supports highlight and zooming functions as well as a variation of chart types.
  • Customisable Dashboard – users are able to save specific report definitions to their GREEN-SKY dashboard offering a personal experience for every user.
  • Personal Data – user is able to view their own personal data in terms of their personal energy savings, current energy saving policy etc.
  • Flexible Organisation Definition – flexible organisation structure model allows administrators to model any variation of company topology, supporting small SMEs and major multi-national setups.
  • Data Access Management – administrators are able to grant/revoke web service access to their GREEN-SKY account data via the GREEN-SKY API by managing their own set of API access tokens.
  • Advanced Energy Saving Policies – administrators are able to define energy saving policies which allow for alternative modes for during and outwith working hours as well as alternative power saving actions e.g. standby, hibernate or shutdown. Features policy prediction forecasting whereby the effects of a potential policy taking effect over time with a view to optimising policy definitions to maximise savings.
  • Display Screen Policy – administrators are able to define enterprise-wide display screen equipment policies and report upon compliance.
  • Computer Build Definitions – administrators are able to define computer builds based on base unit types, number of monitors and monitor types etc.
  • Energy Suppliers & Rates – administrators are able to define specific energy suppliers and rates which are reflected in the accuracy of the reports produced by GREEN-SKY.
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