DBA Building Contractors Ltd Website

We knew the owners of DBA Building Contractors for some time and when they wanted to gain an online presence, they came to us.  DBA Building Contractors are skilled builders in the Ipswich and surrounding area, and they wanted a place online to show their work and a point of reference online for customers to see.


The owners of DBA Building Contractors had no online presence so there was nothing to go on.  This means with some simple conversations we were able to gather their needs and put in place a plan to develop a website for them.  SEO wasn’t a priority but, given the look they wanted, WordPress was still the go-to choice.


This was a quick and simple build, we took the wording provided and set about creating the site with WordPress having a brochure feel to it with some Instagram linkup.

We matched the site to their design and colour choice and set to work in finishing and showing them their first ever website.


This site went live The site went live in April 2019 and it has settled in well.  The website represents the directors and their high end work prefectly.

To find out how we would do the same with you please call us on 01473 760599 or contact us by clicking here.