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Deben Inns own and operate six pubs and restaurants in Suffolk.  They are very active in marketing to customers in Suffolk through leaflets drops and adverts in the free press.  This method of marketing is effective but expensive to produce.

Deben Inns wanted a new way of reaching out to their audience and have embarked on a new set of websites for all of their pubs.  They wanted to use the brand awareness already created by the leaflet campaigns to drive more traffic to the website and eventually into the pubs.  To further enhance the investment in the website they wanted a solution to draw together a community of customers and drive electronic vouchers and special offers, thereby saving money on printing and delivery of the leaflets.

The Solution

PC Futures were chosen to develop an app that would allow Deben Inns to enhance their web presence with the advanced features of an app.  This included loyalty stamps, locations services and push messages.  We worked with existing web designs and looked to marry their mobile phone/device with the web technology.

The content management portal behind the app also allows Deben Inns to post new offers and change menu items allowing for seasonal promotions and special offers.  Doing so is easy and requires no IT expertise at all.

The Benefits

  • Free Push messaging allowing Deben Inns to keep app users up to date on special offers.  This saves money on printing costs and helps to drive business to the restaurants in real time.
  • Digital Menus allowing app users to view menus from anywhere.  This saves money on menu reprints and allows for more dynamic menu control.
  • Loyalty stamps allowing app users to digitally stamp each time they eat at a Deben Inns pub, which increase customer loyalty.
  • Full social media interaction allowing users to stay send photos, comment on their visit and get real time reviews on service and food, which in turn increase the trust in the Deben Inns brand and builds a community
  • The app can be administered with minimal training and unlike websites it is very hard for a member of staff to damage.
  • Results in real time, Deben Inns can message people within a mile of each individual venues, ensuring they don’t compete with one another across the group.
  • Mail integration, so Deben Inns can contact their loyal customer base in a simple and friendly manner.

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