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A New Look & Security For Direct CDs

At PC Futures we were approached by Direct CDs to improve the security of their old Joomla site and to give it a new lease of life.  The Joomla site had an old design and some content which wasn’t as strong as it could have been.

At PC Futures we rebuilt the site in WordPress and removed the security issues the site had.  In the past it had been compromised and we cleared this and gave the site some business grade security which we always keep up to date.

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The original Direct CDs site had strong SEO and benefited from a good level of traffic.  They ranked well for their key search terms and part of our brief was to protect this.  We travelled up to meet the owner in Bedfordshire to see the business and get a handle on how they work and what their key markets are.

As a result we found this made the build much easier to deliver and it ensured we got the look and feel right.

Direct CDs offer a wide range of services from CD Printing, CD Duplication and DVD Printing.  They also do general printing as well and we wanted to include this in the new site.  Each key service needed it’s own dedicated page which we delivered.


Whilst building the site we had to match all of the links.  Some pages we combined and some services which were not offered were removed.  When removing these we had to take care to do a full suite of redirects on the domains no longer used.

We spent some time investigating behind the scenes of the old Joomla site.  There was some custom code in the site which was done by a 3rd party which we included in the new WordPress site.  This gave the site a pricing calculator which was a feature existing customers liked.


When the site was finished the customer really liked it.  We had to craft a few images specifically with our graphic design skills.  The whole project was delivered on time and within budget.

The site went live December 2014 and since then we’ve added a range of new things to it to ensure it gives their customers what they want.

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