Dog & Cat Models UK Rebuild

We have been working with Dog & Cat Models UK for a period of time supporting their old website from another developer. It was in need of a rebuild and the business owner never quiet felt he got what he wanted from the original build. As a result he asked us to make some adjustments which we did. Once the budget was in place it was time for a complete rebuild of the website, same design but just to fix functionality which never worked correctly. This we did and it was a big job.

A rebuild of Dog & Cat Models UK


The business had a pre-existing WordPress website where the original developers had tried to alter features in WordPress to force it to the clients needs. This didn’t work fully and as a result they parted company and found us. Some of the problems meant it would never correctly work as how the clients business runs it meant that the site didn’t match how they operated.

As a result we supported and maintained this site fixing many smaller issues with it. Eventually the directors of Dog & Cat Models UK decided they wanted to have the site rebuilt as it was but so that the back end functionality around the pet profiles matched how they wanted it to work. As a result we did, we even repaired the loss of SEO in the site also as domains and URL’s hadn’t been set correctly either. As a result, things are not working well and we managed with the thousands of pictures and data/profiles just fine.


All the while we covered things with the client and this project was not without it’s challenges. WordPress making many copies of images as it does meant in total we were nearly at 15,000 images to manage and copy over. There was well over 100 pet profiles and all the while we had to protect the integrity of the sites SEO and improve it.


Needless to say we delivered the project hassle free and the client is moving forward now trouble free with a better understanding of the site. An understanding on how to run it and a technical manual on how to do the basic parts to manage his business and the pet profiles it has.