Donkee Gets A Home

The New Donkee Trolley Gets It’s Own Site

We have been working with Sholley Trolley for some time now.  We manage their Amazon sales, eBay sales and rebuild their existing website.  They have developed a huge trolley for specific markets.  The Donkee and we’ve made the Donkee it’s own home.

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Over the past few years we have become very involved with Sholley Trolley and the market leading products they manufacture.  The business owner always has an eye on product development and how they can improve the range of products they provide.

With 35 years experience they decided there was a market in the UK and oversea for larger trolleys.  The aim was to target this area but not to confuse the main Sholley brand  and website.


As this is a new product and one suiting to specific markets we had to target what we produced to these markets.  The Donkee site was aimed at a different audience and this had to be reflected in the sites design and features.

The product range will be added to greatly over time and we needed the scope to deliver this.  Again we used WooCommerce to deliver this and WordPress to be the sites CMS platform.

We went for big product visuals but we ensured these matched what was in play on Amazon both in the UK and USA as well as the Sholley branded eBay store which we made for them.


We are pleased that the Donkee site delivers.  It is similar in some aspects to the main Sholley site but it’s different enough to match the unique products they offer.  We handle all the hosting, backup and support and we are delighted that this site is really starting to prove it’s worth.  It’s enjoying sales of their new product and gaining ground in it’s own right.

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