DQ Services

When their current developer and host decided to close their doors, DQ Services came to us after doing a Google Search for Web Hosting in Ipswich. They wanted a company with a proven track record in hosting and support of WordPress websites.

After discussing their needs over email and phone we were able to log in to their site to perform a WordPress Audit and make recommendations about the best type of hosting package for their site.

We were able to manage the whole migration process and now happily host, maintain and support their site.

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DQ Services had a large e-commerce site being hosted by a local WordPress Developer, when this company went out of business, they wanted a company with a proven track record and the technical knowledge to be able to increase speed and reliability of their site. We conducted an initial audit of their site and when the time was right performed the migration process for them.


We made a backup of our site via our 24/7 WordPress management system. We made a clone of the site and checked that it was a direct copy of the original site. We then performed a full update of all plugins, themes, database and WordPress core files. After running a security scan and performing a performance scan we also fixed a few issues to increase site performance. Once all this was completed we then changed the DNS and migrated the new and improved clone to our production servers and went live. In total the site was down for about 15 minutes when the DNS was moving. To also save the impact of downtime we conducted this migration out of normal office hours.


Every month the customer receives a report detailing all of the work that the site needs in relation to plugin, theme and core updates. The report also shows security scan reports and performance reports.

We offer DQ Services a pay as you go update service so as and when we recommend a important update is made we do it for them for an agreed price.

To find out how we would do the same with you please call us on 01473 760599 or contact us by clicking here.