Increasing Sales and Margin for Sholley Trolley

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Sholley Trolley are the manufacturers of the premium Sholley Trolley which has been established for 35 years. They first approached us specifically to help them to increase sales on Amazon. As a result PC Futures are now in the process taking the Sholley brand truly global as part of an ongoing relationship with them.

We identified that their current website had an e-commerce presence which had done them well for a number of years but it was in need of updating. We looked give the whole site some much needed modernisation by rebuilding it as a fully fledged e-commerce platform with WordPress.

Alongside the website we have increasing sales through Amazon giving them a far larger online footprint as a business.

Our goals for the project were;

  • Create a modern looking website
  • Ensure the site was fully mobile responsive
  • Create a simple to use E-commerce store
  • Optimise the site for high ranking in search engines
  • To create new artwork and product images where appropriate


We created a WordPress site and installed a market leading E-commerce platform within the site to create the shop front.

Whilst working with the current product images we felt that they did not show off the product as much as they needed too. To solve this we arranged a product based photo shoot which delivered brand new images for us to strengthen the brand and achieve important design goals.

When creating the e-commerce part of the site we had to configure the products to show complimentary products. We also configured shipping and sales to the Republic of Ireland as they have an strong customer base there.

The search engine optimisation element of the project was complicated as we needed to preserve existing links and pages that Google already knew about and point them to the new updated pages. Alongside this we had to create new content and graphics to ‘grab the attention’ of search engines and customers.


To support the new website and to boost overall sales we delivered some training and then began to manage much of the Amazon presence for Sholley. We worked hard on improving the product descriptions and on page SEO to ensure they ranked better in hotly contested searches.

We set-up a fulfilment system with Amazon and using the Amazon’s FBA programme for key product lines we first launched the product in Europe. This has gradually been expanded as it has been working well. With our help Sholley have seen a marked increase in Amazon sales due to better SEO, product descriptions, marketing and fresher looking products.

We are taking this further and looking to launch the products fully in the USA as well as Australia so 2015 should be a big year for Sholley.

Sholley have taken things further and recruited extra staff to keep pace with demand as the brand continues to grow and their online presence.


Sholley has seen an increase of 33% on orders placed on Amazon and a substantial increase in sales on their website. The site is seeing increased traffic and with the new product lines they offer more to new and existing customers.

The Amazon shop provides regular sales of this premium product and with the launch into Europe and now the USA we have seen things grow significantly. So much so that Canada is coming online and we are investigating Japan also. So, lot’s happening for this client.

Our ongoing online marketing ensures content is always fresh and the site is full of information about why Sholley Trolleys are the leaders in the shopping trolley sector.

If you would like to take your products global with Amazon or to see your sales get or grow online feel free to contact us on 01473 760599.