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EA Today 

We’ve worked with the owners of EA Today for some time now and we know them and their high standards very well.  We didn’t build the EA Today website but we have taken over it’s development, security and design from it’s creators.

With our help we have resolved some design issues, speed issues and added new features to this local business and news website.

Using the right web design, with a simple and effective WordPress website we made this project come to life.

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EA Today Enjoy A New Home

As mentioned we know this client well but this site was one we knew existed but not one we had worked on before.  In this instance we needed to spend some time getting to know how the outgoing developers created the site and what the customer wanted from it going forward.

There was some things we needed to consider and plan for.  One of which was the site was huge, a lot of content and huge images in the site.  We also needed to tackle some new features the owner wanted in the site and also the go live of a custom plugin made by the outgoing developers.  We needed to manage and fully support this new tool going forward.

We managed well with all of the earlier points.  The site was delivered on time and during a tight time-frame.  It has no issues and runs faster with more content than at any point before.  As a result, it is doing what it should be and that is key.

The new plugin works, the site is fast and a host of new marketing is in the site.  Also, we had to manage the new contributors to the site and a new structure for the articles.

We feel we have delivered on every area the customer wanted and now EA Today has a new home, security and is much faster than before due to content management and a faster, more interactive homepage.

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