Digital Makeover for Easton White Horse

 PC Futures and Easton White Horse

res-img-4If you haven’t been to the Easton White Horse then you haven’t sampled the quintessential Suffolk Country pub.

With a name for good food, friendly service and a real community hub, Easton White Horse wanted to make sure all of Suffolk knew and to tap into the burgeoning Suffolk holiday let business in the area.

PC Futures were first commissioned to create a mobile app that would help get the Easton White Horse message out and increase loyalty from regulars as well as giving something back to them.  We worked with their design brief to create a mobile app available on IPhone, IPad and Android devices.  The App is now developed and already being warmly adopted by customers.

The App, has a loyalty feature that rewards regulars with loyalty stamps and allows Easton White Horse to push messages to app owners detailing special offers and promotions.

WH App Screen Shot_framedThe next phase of the project was to revamp their website to a new responsive design platform that features a full menu and events calendar.  The website also features regular blog posts ranging from collecting Panini stickers, selling bin end wine and other items of interest.

Once we had completed the website we then took over the content management of the app and website and work with Easton White Horse to agree a quarterly promotional plan and ensure content, images and offers are reflected in the app and website and across social media.

Matt Bain General Manager commented; “We are proud of our service, quality and of course the wonderful location of Easton White horse.  Creating a new, modern digital presence has helped us to develop brand, develop customer loyalty, increase footfall, increase sales and increase the value of sales”  “Asking PC Futures to manage our digital presence has allowed us to concentrate on what we are good at and in turn we have a simple mobile marketing solution.”

PC Futures is proud to support businesses in Suffolk and feel that our approach to digital marketing allows your business to actually turn the website, mobile app and social media presence from a brochure to a real sales tool designed to make you money.

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