EDI Surveys

EDI Surveys wanted to move from their existing host as they were not happy with performance or security arrangements with them. After speaking with them we arranged an audit of their website with the mindset of migrating them to our servers.


Before carried out the migration we cloned the site to our development servers for review and maintenance. The site had not been maintained and had a couple of security issues which we fixed before sending the site to our production servers.


During the migration process we liaised with the IT support company to change the DNS settings, when this was completed we cloned the site to our production servers.

We then set up our 24/7 WordPress monitoring software to constantly monitor and report on all aspects of the site. We also perform a full backup of the site and retain versions of the site for 90 days.


EDI Surveys receives a monthly report detailing our hosting services and what maintenance needs to be carried out on the site.

In all the performance and security of the site has been increased and the customer has complete confidence in our ability to host and support their site.

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