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Felixstowe Cleaning Services First Website

We were refereed on to Felixstowe Cleaning Services by another business we work closely with.  This specialist cleaning business is run by a small husband and wife team who wanted to have their first ever website to help the business grow.

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We can help start ups grow.

Here is what we did for Felixstowe Cleaning Services

There was nothing in place, the business was established and looking to market themselves more in the local region.  This was a simple web development project for us to undertake.

This was a small business site and Alex and Lyn wanted something which fitted with their budget and the needs of their business.  They had been trading and were looking to increase sales through a web presence and some print material.  They were kindly refereed to us by their printers as most of our clients come through referrals.

We spoke with the owners having met up and talked around how we could meet their needs.  It just needed to be a simple starter site which would give them a much needed web presence.  We delivered on time and within budget leaving them happy with their site.

We are delighted to still be working with Lyn and Alex and they are happy with the WordPress site we delivered and host.  It matched their needs and their wishes and we look forward to working with them in the future.

If you would like to speak with us about how you can better market and grow your business please feel free to call on 01473 527423 or contact us here.

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