Flyer Online

Flyer Online is the home of Flyer Magazines who print a circulate free magazines across East Anglia. Flyer Online have been a hosting client of PC Futures. When it was time to update the old site to new modern site PC futures were engaged to create a site with similar functionality but built on modern technology.


It was important to have a complete overview of the site and all of the functionality within the site. The that end we completed a full audit of the site and discussed design and functionality options with the client. We setup a development site on our development servers and gave early access to the client so they could view progress and test functionality as we went through the project.


We researched various plugins to replicate some custom development that could not be utilised in the new site. Once tested we implemented these solutions to allow front end submission of events and business directories. We also embedded a magazine viewer into the flyer pages to allow for a digital view of the latest Flyer Magazines for each location.

A key element of the new site build was to ensure we copied all existing SEO and keywords to the new site to ensure continuity with search engine results.


The new website went live in March 2020 and has already seen an increase in footfall and the general feedback from viewers has been very positive. A key element of the project was to allow Flyer Magazines to be able to update content easily. This has been achieved and has in fact saved time.

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