Free Mobile Device Management

Free Mobile Device Management

Want Mobile Device Management for your business?

How safe is it for employees to access your data via a mobile device?  Do you feel that it is out of your control?

With the range of available devices growing day by day, why not take advantage of the choices available and offer your colleagues greater flexibility and what are your risks?

  • Data getting lost or stolen
  • Rising costs of different price plans
  • No process for managing different devices

We take these worries away from you, giving you peace of mind and enabling you to work in the most efficient way for your business.

The Solution

“For less than the price of a cup of coffee a day, we’ll manage your devices so you reap the full benefits of working in more flexible ways”.

Mobile Device Management is a managed and comprehensive service whatever the device, whether company or employee-owned.

You can either go for a free taster service or a complete managed solution that gives total control over all your mobile devices.

MDM features

Case Study


“I didn’t want employees using their own mobile as I, like many directors was worried about data security”

“As a company we find it difficult to track usage of mobile devices, the whole point of them is they need to remain mobile”

“We have a mix of company and employee devices accessing our business systems with no control and it is a risk.”


“Employees can now use their own devices to work more flexibly which makes our business more efficient”

“Mobile Device Management gives us the data we need to make crucial efficiency savings”

“We now have policies and protocols in place to allow the safe use of a complete range of devices”

To find out how we can provide the basic service to you free of charge please contact us now.

Mobile Device Management with PC Futures

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