Mobile Marketing Advice


Increase Your Online Footprint with mobile marketing

We are a small business and cannot afford to spend a fortune on marketing. Sound familiar?

We believe in making the most of the web to drive business to you and also getting your message out to potential clients. We do this by linking web, mobile and email together.




We use keywords and business descriptions unique to a company to increase search engine hits without having to spend out on keyword campaigns. We then tie this in with well crafted websites and top it off with mobile apps to put your business directly in the pocket of a customer.

Last year over 60 billion apps were downloaded worldwide, millions of companies now have an opportunity to directly market to app users.  Effectively putting their website permanently in peoples pockets.  We don’t see this as intrusive, we see this as essential to get your message out and drive business.  Also it is some of the easiest marketing that a small business can do.

At PC Futures we have developed a cost effective mobile app solution built on our SKYRUNNER technology.  This means any business can now benefit from mobile apps and link their web presence directly to your customers.  If you’re still unsure speak to us, we will simply show you.


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