GFI MAX Conference

Our thoughts on the GFI Max Conference

Well we’ve returned from the GFI Max Conference held in London.  It was good to hear of the future tech that is coming out and improvements on existing software we use.

The networking on offer was a particular plus point for me.  For Andy Pope, my wingman, it was his second time at the conference and now I’ve broken my duck I’ve returned with about 10 pages of notes to implement.  Andy did a number of technical sessions but for me it was all on the business side.

As someone who hasn’t spent my entire career in the IT sector it was nice to see that this industry faces the same problems as the rest of the commercial world.  People, processes and keeping customers happy.  This left me oddly in my comfort zone which was a huge plus.

What did I get from the GFI MAX Conference?

·         Good networking with peers

·         A good mix of technical and commercial people

·         Great speakers sharing real world experiences

·         An excellent event with outstanding catering and venue support

·         A look at new products for us to speak to our clients about that will enhance our existing offering

·         Finally, what looks like some work as well – that has to be a plus!

The Speakers

Bob Lawson’s take on marketing was relevant to any business in any sector and it was good see the methods used in the IT sector are the same as for those outside the industry and just as effective.

Chris Gonsalves’ analytical talks on the market trends and opportunities for MSP’s in the UK was also good solid stuff.  Nice to see where the UK is vs the US market.

CompTIA had some good things to say on their accreditation and this is why we will seriously look at it soon.  They spoke from experience and their panel had clearly had benefited from getting accredited.

Kyle Heath from CSCM shared good advice on how to improve customer satisfaction, helpdesk operations and customer experiences.

Colin Blumenthal also spoke well on his experiences and how despite being a £10m turnover business their prime market was still SME’s.  Very sound words.

Finally for me was Phylip Morgan from the Network Group.  He spoke well and his panel assisted in delivering some interesting points on the group and the issues they face in maintaining and growing their businesses.

There were a host of people I met, other good speakers as well and I will add more to this post as I get time.  For now though thanks to GFI, the speakers and the venue.  A cracking time in a relaxed and enjoyable format.  Also a great look around Wembley stadium.

The GFI MAX Conference 2013 gave an excellent ROI for me and there will be a lot that follows off the back of it.

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