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PC Futures were asked to produce a website for the popular Ipswich venue Greshams.  Greshams is a very established venue in its own right and a members club that offers excellent benefits to those who join.

As a popular venue it is also open to the public to eat in or to hire for special occasions or events.

They have a strong weddings trade and are used by many clubs, groups and organisations around the area.  The premises has benefited from an extensive refit from top to bottom and looks outstanding inside and out.  This is why they came to PC Futures for a website that suits their business they have.

What we did

There was an existing site but it wasn’t used much and on a domain which wasn’t idea.  We have kept the existing domain but added a more suitable to it to reflect how the owners and management want to take the venue forward.

They want to attract new members to join but also to have a method of letting existing members know of menu changes and other events.  As a venue they have a number of different function rooms and each have different menus and services.

Greshams makes a fabulous wedding venue and it is clear to us from meeting their staff that they really do go out to offer as much as possible to parties on their big day.


We have put some other secrets in the site also for the staff.  There is a bespoke calendar for event management so departments can see how many staff they need in for any given events ahead of time.  We plan to add some other HR functions to the site also and a range of other benefits to the Greshams team.

The Benefit

We feel we have given Greshams a site that is sympathetic to their members and guests.  It gives the staff and management a new range of tools and it shows people at a glance how good this venue actually is.

We hope you like it and we have linked to it here.


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