The Guardian Angels Musical Site is now live

We are delighted to work with Chris Brindle again on our 3rd website with him. Chris has a big head for artistry and production and his creative skills are still producing fantastic works. We worked with him on his Ubsdell site some years back and more recently Sanditon the play where he finished Sanditon, an unfinished work by none other than Jane Austen.

Now he is working with us again on a musical he has created and is leading on.


We’ve worked with Chris for a number of years and we know he always provides good, well written content. This speeds us up and means we can deliver his projects very quickly indeed and Guardian Angels the musical was another testament to his organisation.

There was nothing to work with previously so this was a clean slate project.

We spoke with Chris via email and on the phone about what he was looking for and completed this project usually entirely by remote. Chris has a clear idea for how he wanted the site to look and feel. He had the artwork all planned and the copy also.

This meant this was a very simple web development project for us and Guardian Angels the musical was turned around in a matter of days.


Again WordPress was perfect for this project. We produced the site on a test platform so Chris could see what was being done and then we followed his specific wishes about what he wanted and delivered it.

The site was clean, simple and easy for people involved, the media and interested theatre goers to enjoy.


Since the site has been live Chris has added some new video content and other specific parts to it keeping the project moving with rapid pace.