How do I become more efficient?

There are many routine tasks that can eat into a business owner’s time, leaving them little space for the things they need to be focused on, such as how to grow the business and develop products or services.

The choice is either to employ someone to carry out these routine tasks, with the additional cost of payroll, NI and pension contributions, or to find ways whereby at least some tasks can be automated.

This is where PC Futures can help.

We can provide “off the shelf” software for operations like accounts or Customer Relationship Management (CRM) or we can design a bespoke piece of software or an app that can do the work for you.

Suppose you spend hours uploading new items for sale to your website.  This can become a real chore and take up hours of your time. Wouldn’t it be better if that load was reduced with a properly designed e-commerce solution?

We have a dedicated in-house team of experienced software developers, who have worked on a range of products, including custom job boards, membership organisations, social media projects and custom mobile apps.

Say, for example, your business is a restaurant that needs to take bookings and reservations. Guess what, we have a piece of software for that. Built from the ground up Reserve Your Table gives any bar, pub, restaurant, nightclub or venue the opportunity to take reservations with ease. We provide you with a short piece of code to add to your website and you have an automated reservation system.

We work with you to design the solution you need

First comes the fact-finding – what are your issues and what problems do you need to solve? With this information we can make a plan.

The next step is to delve a bit deeper so that we fully understand ass aspects of the issue and can build it into the eventual software.

Once you have confirmed that you’re happy with our recommendations, we build the software and install it for you. We manage the project end to end and can supply support if you need help with using it.