How do I get more new business?

There are two main sources of new business, repeat/additional orders from existing customers and new orders from new customers.

Both depend on a free flow of communication and on making it clear that you can supply what they are looking for. If you imagine your business is like filling a bath adding new business is like having the taps on full blast. But there’s no point in having the communication taps turned full on if there is a blockage somewhere in the pipework.

catch more business, how do I get more businessSo, it makes sense to review your marketing and sales operations regularly to ensure they still fit with what your business offers. You may, for example, have added products or services since you first set up and perhaps a review will show that some tlc will be needed for your website and marketing to bring them up to date.

PC Futures can help you through this process:

Step 1: Free Sales Audit

This will help you to think clearly and to define (or re-define) your needs and goals for your business.

What you are selling needs to fit with the profile of your customers and what they need. No matter whether they are looking for a product or service right now, or whether they will be in the future, you want them to remember your business and to contact you rather than a competitor.

Step 2: Website review

Depending on the nature of your business your website works as a brochure to show what services you can offer, or as a shop window if yours is an e-commerce, product-based business.

Your website is your primary marketing and sales tool. There is a lot of research evidence that potential customers will look for a business’ website first when considering a purchase.

Following your sales audit, you should be much clearer about your goals, the nature of your customers, and will now be in a much better position to assess whether the website is doing its job in reflecting those goals.

Step 3: Keyword review

Keywords, or nowadays key phrases, are essential to a properly-functioning website.

They are one of the many ways by which search engines like Google assess your website’s relevance and therefore where it appears in the lists when a visitor is searching for something.

The terms your potential customers will use to search for your business need to be reflected in the website content in a way that is clear, natural and in context. If not, Google, particularly, will blacklist your website, which would turn off the taps altogether!

PC Futures will carry out a keywords review to assess your site’s current key words and whether they are aligned with the results of your sales audit.

The above three steps are about arriving at clear definitions and investigating whether your website, particularly, are a good fit for your sales goals.

The final step is to develop a plan of action to keep those taps full on.

Sales plan

We will work with you to agree the next steps and what marketing tools you may need to use to meet your sales goals:

Content marketing: particularly if your business offers services or products that are long-term purchases your website is not going to change frequently, so to keep the attention of both Google and potential customers, as well as establishing your reputation for being trustworthy and knowledgeable in your field, adding regular blogs can be immensely helpful. It may take time and patience but it will be well worth the effort.

Social media: using social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, twitter or LinkedIn, should be a carefully targeted process. Not all platforms are appropriate for every business, so the first step is to identify which ones are right for you, as ever remembering your sales goals.

Email marketing: this can be very useful for a short-term campaign but also as a means of keeping customers aware of developments in your business in the longer term, especially if you have been regularly adding new potential customers to your database (always remembering that the new Data Protection regulations require you to have their permission to contact them)

PC Futures will work with you to identify and agree the right elements of your new sales plan and can offer ongoing support if it is needed.

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