HW Leadwork

HW Leadwork

HW Leadwork approached us to produce a website for them as a point of reference and to attract work.  They had never had a website before and all of their work was through word of mouth.

HW Leadwork are specialists in all areas of lead roofing.  They wanted a website design which fitted their sector and we deliver the right web design, with a simple and effective WordPress website.

hw leadwork
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HW Leadwork Go Online

HW Leadwork contacted us wanting to gain an online presence.  As a result we met with their directors and took a look at what they wanted to achive.

This was a simple project and one we were delighted to help with.

Our client had full access to the site as it was being built.  This enables better feedback and ensures the customer gets what they want.

When finished we turned the site live on our hosting and added a SSL to the site.

As a result, the site is live, secure, backed up daily and finished.

It has enabled the directors to quickly get online and at a low cost.

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