Identity Plus

Identity Plus came to us as they found we had a solid track record within the ID Card and Lanyard sector.  We had worked with a number of clients for over half a decade in this area and they wanted to improve their web presence as well as adding an e-commerce facility to their business.  They already sell online via Amazon and eBay and they wanted something to do more with the stock they already had.

Identity Plus New Website


Identity Plus had an older website which wasn’t working for them and as a result of this they took it down.  After some time they came to us and wanted to do look at doing something more technically challenging than what they had.  The hope was being more modern it would attract more customers and have a greater reach.

At PC Futures Ltd we were happy to take this on as it’s an area we know fairly well.  Identity found us from a google search and contacted us.  Sadly we didn’t meet up as there was some geographical distance between the two companies, however are sure we will get to do this soon as with us being in Ipswich and Identity Plus being in Scotland it would be some drive!

On this project we followed our usual plan, took a full brief, agreed features and a specification and then set about working.


As part of the spec it was handy as the owners had produced a shopping list of their own.  In this is covered a lot of features which were high end or very specific to how they wanted their website to work.  The good news is we delivered it and even learned the odd new thing on the way ourselves.

This was a technically challenging project, even more so than your normal e-commerce website which we know very well.

This site has a range of other features added to it beyond the normal WordPress, e-commerce website, these include:

  • A mobile responsive and non symmetrical homepage view, challenging to deliver in WordPress.
  • Detailed product navigation menu which was customised to suit there needs.
  • Features to show lowest prices for variable products.
  • In-depth, custom product labeling.
  • Hugely varied and tailored pricing system for bulk discounting.
  • PDF invoicing and packing slips.
  • Stripe as well as PayPal payment gateways.
  • Shipping handled by weight and scaleable depending by what you order.
  • Custom styling on the look and feel of WooCommerce.
  • Extensive graphic design on imagery.
  • Heavy image framing for around 70 products, most of which have between 5 – 10 variations on average.
  • Produced a full user guide so the client can manage the shop themselves.

All in all there was a lot more than your typical e-commerce website but it’s given Identity Plus a great platform to go forward and the are now actually getting online orders.


This project went live in January 2020 and is settling in well.  The client receives reports from us on updates, security and many other things as we are providing website hosting and maintenance for them.

It was a complex build, with many features which are beyond the normal with this type of website.  This said, we are really pleased with the results and we know the client is also.  They are now more active on social media safe in the knowledge their business website can handle anything which comes up.

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