IPM Land Acquisitions

Using Microsoft CRM Online to Deliver an E-Myth

IPM Land Acquisitions have a process developed that is unique in their market.

They needed a solution to turn the paper based process into a full functioning business tool that will speed up their internal systems and help deliver their goals.  IPM are fans of the E-Myth meant that IPM Land Acquisition’s philosophy was to spend time training staff on sourcing property and land and not on internal admin. It was important to become IPM’s trusted advisor to ensure that we knew everything about the business to ensure we gave the right advice.

Services Used

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IPM Land Acquisitions have a unique business proposition which is unlike anything else on offer in the UK.  It is built heavily around the ideas and concepts Michael Gerber writes about in the E-Myth.  What was lacking was a system that could take IPM’s processes and convert them to a practice management system.

The Solution

IPM engaged PC Futures to recommend a method of delivering a practice management system.  The two options were either a custom written solution or using an off the shelf CRM system.  Due to IPM being a young business who would undoubtedly change their processes over time it was felt a more flexible solution would be obtained from an off the shelf CRM Solution.  The decision was made to trial Microsoft CRM Online which proved to offer IPM what they needed, so development of the solution began to ensure IPM took control of their information management.

Because of the flexibility of the software an agile development process was agreed with monthly sprints agreed and delivered.  This also meant that there were no major upfront development costs as IPM paid for each sprint on completion.

Microsoft CRM Online proved to be as flexible as we thought and over a course of time the full practice management solution took shape and was finally delivered in May 2016.

The Result

IPM now have a system that allows them to recruit land sourcers that can be trained to do their job rather than to be experts in IT or business management.  This means salary costs and staff retention have become very manageable.

“Our business needs have changed over the course of the software development project.  We have really appreciated having an agile approach which has meant as our needs change the software does too” Shaun McGovern IPM Land Acquisitions.


Where we add real value to any development project is where we couple our development skills with our business management skills.  Our ability to question and advise the client on a different approach to a problem means we do not simply develop software blindly but work with the client to find the right solution to their business problem and add in IT as part of the solution.

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