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At PC Futures we are into SEO in a big way as we really understand how it works and how it WILL increase your sales.  Getting SEO right isn’t the easiest thing to do for a website, but thinking about it, surely Amazon SEO can’t be difficult can it?Amazon SEO Training, Amazon Experts, Ipswich amazon Specialist

We’ve been doing SEO for some time now, chances are it is because of our SEO that you found this post and if you have a site struggling for hits and traffic please do get in touch with us.

Sadly though Amazon SEO can be just as tricky as normal website optimisation.  Although Amazon are pretty prescriptive in how their keywords and search terms work, you still have free choice as to what you put in these sections.  This is where the danger begins as completing your product listing with a marketeer’s mind-set is often wrong!

You want to convert browsers of your products into buyers especially if e-Commerce is your goal.  Whilst this sounds painfully obvious many still miss the trick.  You want to be specific and say exactly what your product does and why.  The old features and benefits part of sales work here.  It needs to be kept simple and easy to follow.  It is through this approach and others we generate hundreds of thousands of pounds on Amazon sales alone for clients.

We do a lot of Amazon optimisation for other business owners but we never really listed it as a service until a contact asked us for some help.  Once the client made contact we talked through the issues they were having and provided an entire report on every item they had on Amazon.

In this we looked at the following points:
  • Why sales were flat and not increasing.
  • What their competition was doing to convert browsers and buyers from them to our clients products.
  • Setting up overseas sales by creating FBA listings – We’ve got people selling in the UK, USA, Canada, France, Germany, Italy and Spain with more to follow.
  • How to get added to a specialist category if it is one of Amazons restricted categories.
  • Where their sales and marketing was failing in their product descriptions

And many other things as every client is different.  As a result we are confident our clients benefit from international trading, greater product visibility but above all else by eliminating mistakes that were already in their listings.  As a result their premium products were not featuring above the rest as they should have been.

If you list and sell products through Amazon and would like to optimise your Amazon listings through our SEO, advice and training please contact us.

Not only did we action a range of live changes with this client we also left them with a list of things to adopt for all future listings that they are about to implement.

Amazon is the worlds largest department store, with so many products it can be hard to stand out, speak to us as the Ipswich Amazon SEO experts.

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