Ipswich High School choose PC Futures

We were refereed onto Ipswich High School at a pivitol time in their history. The school was going co-education, this was a big thing locally and in education as Ipswich High School at the time as it was a girls only school until this point.

So, having been told they wanted to move away from their old website CMS to something they could better manage themselves.

Naturally here at PC Futures we have worked on endorsing WordPress and again we felt this was the perfect fit.

PC Futures were invited to tender for the project and having looked at the criteria we knew we were strong contenders. We looked at the criteria of what they wanted to achieve but also the pains they had endured with their last supplier.

We then met with the marketing team and the head of the school and after a positive meeting we were awarded the project.

This was our first foray into education.

Using the right web design, with our strong online marketing background we were able to build a site which reflected the changing time at the school and set it forward on a new path.

Ipswich High School and PC Futures Ltd


We were contacted at short notice by an existing client who wanted to introduce us to one they were working with. Ipswich High School, a hugely well known all girls school was going co-educational and had been sold.

This meant they needed a new holding website to point journalists and members of the public to the correct contacts and it was needed fast.

We delivered this in 24 hours and as things settled we were then asked to tender for the full rebuild of their main website. We did this, we met with them and looked at the problems they had with their old CMS system. How their management team existed and what they wanted the website to do.


This website took quiet some time to develop. There was a lot of people involved who wanted to be sure the site would deliver for their part of the school. As a result we met with their in-house IT team, marketing team, the head and a range of other people.

We had to deliver a website which they can manage themselves, one which is secure, robust and that it meats the safeguarding requirements of the new co-education school.

It was a lovely project to work on and one we are pleased to have delivered.


The site enjoys great traffic and it keeps parents and other stakeholders up to date with goings on at the school.

This is project which has blended images, film and solid copy to give new parents and those with children at the school the chance to see what Ipswich High School is such a great place for their children.

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