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The Ipswich Round Table site has been live now for a little over 18 months and it has enjoyed excellent traffic for a ‘social’ group’s website.  Due to the local nature of Round Table we built our SEO plan around them, in particular Ipswich SEO and how they help local causes.  As a result the site now ranks top in many of their key search terms, showing how strong focused Ipswich SEO can be.

In 2013 we decided to boost the site’s reach and add a number of other features to make it stronger than before.

The site itself saw a 180% growth across the quietest months of the year and during the peak periods its traffic really took off.  Most importantly, this increase was all organic, there was no pay per click advertising, just clever planning, focused Ipswich SEO, and good old fashioned marketing and hard work.  

The Stats – focused Ipswich SEO

Round Table is a worldwide organisation and in the UK alone there are around 430 individual groups operating to help local causes.  PC Futures manage the site for Ipswich Round Table and we worked with them to support their campaigns by providing strong, focused, SEO and web development.

In one month alone we had over 3,450 organic visitors to the site, viewing over 11,400 pages which is pretty impressive considering not £1 was spent in achieving this and it was in just one month.  Our work was delivered alongside a clearly defined marketing & PR campaign which was a huge success.  Members of Ipswich Round Table all contributed to a tight operation seeing them smash all recorded figures on the site and delivering an outstandingly successful campaign, their highest fund raiser to date.

Icing on the Cake – It’s top

The icing on the cake is that out of ALL of the Round Table groups around the country Ipswich Round Table is now the highest in the SEO search for Round Tables across the country.  Other groups have their own sites but our planning and SEO saw Ipswich rise to the top, not bad considering there is over 430 groups nationwide.  The site is behind the national Round Table site and Wikipedia (naturally) then it occupies it’s place and also the two following places as well.  A great triumph for our focused Ipswich SEO work even if we  say so ourselves.

A planned solid media campaign was enacted and that was mirrored with both our technical and marketing skills.  So if you feel your site isn’t doing the business or it needs a refresh speak to us.  Often as little as one hour a month can be all the SEO you need to get found.

We are happy to show you real results and how they were achieved, then we work with you to do the same for your website and online presence.  PC Futures is an IT business with a difference, we are business people first who combine on-line marketing with our own business expertise and in-house IT skills.

As a result 2013 has taken us and Ipswich Round Table into new areas and this is continuing at pace into 2014.  For focused, results orientated, Ipswich SEO we have to be number 1.

If you want to see a better return from national or local SEO, even focusing in a market like Ipswich SEO, speak to us.

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