Ipswich IT Support

Ipswich IT SupportThere are a lot of companies offering IT Support around Ipswich and Suffolk.  Having started PC Futures with 18 years’ experience of managed IT services, I have learned what customers want, and what they expect from an Ipswich IT Support specialist.

This is why as PC Futures has developed we created a series of services to meet the needs of Suffolk’s business community.

Ipswich IT Support 

We want to share a new way of thinking about IT Support in your business.  Specifically how we can design it with your small business in mind and help you to keep more of more of your cash.

Firstly most businesses want their IT to work and not to go wrong, we do also, but the reality is different.  With this in mind we have developed a system of monitoring workstations that alerts you and us of potential problems before they become REAL problems.  For some small businesses this is enough and that is why we can simply provide this service for £1.50 per month per PC and £4 a month for a server.  This service is excellent for companies that already have a relationship with an ‘IT Guy’ who fixes stuff when it goes wrong. In effect, all we are doing is monitoring the system and advising on issues in a bid to speed up their response times.

We can of course, come and sort the problem out for you if you haven’t got a relationship with a local Ipswich IT Support Company.

Secondly a lot of IT Support providers have their own overheads and as such need the peace of mind that they can count on your business for a period of time.  PC Futures is more flexible that offers a month by month contract with no tie ins.  If you decide you wish to move to another IT Support provider let us know and we stop our service.  One reason we can do this is we are confident that our service is so comprehensive you won’t move.

Thirdly wherever possible we use IT Technology to lessen the cash burden of using computers and servers.  For this we use Office 365 and other cloud based services including anti-virus, anti-spam and managed online backup.  Again with most of these options there is no ongoing contract and can be turned on an off or grown to suit your needs.  Using this system also offers about the best protection you can get to the new wave of viruses stalking the internet, such as the CryptoLocker virus.

Fourth we believe in making IT work for you rather than you being a slave to it.  With this in mind we can provide advice for small businesses about how to get the best from your IT.  We can show you how to use it to increase your profits.  Taking this a stage further you can even monitize your existing system – an easy way to grow your business.

Finally we believe in making the most out of technology, the  idea is it should make sales easier for you and your staff.  To do this we tie together IT systems, Apps and websites into one offering as we know just how powerful it is.  Taking this a step further we can show you how we are using it and how it is working for us.  A good web presence and the ability to effectively handle enquiries and engaging with your customers is vital to profitability.

If you want to have a fresh look at how IT can be and what PC Futures can do to support your business then contact us and find out how IT can be.

Ipswich IT Support, how it should be

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