The Isaacs App

At PC Futures we know through the expertise and hard work we apply to our clients we can really make a difference.  Isaacs a really popular venue in Ipswich is a great case in point for a mobile app.Isaacs App, Isaacs Ipswich, Hospitality Apps

It is on the waterfront, close to UCS and Suffolk New College and it serves a mixed audience of the public.

Isaacs wanted a simple app that could adapt with them with a range of sections to suit their needs.  After a meeting PC Futures were engaged to deliver a wide range of bespoke and ongoing services.

The app had to match their web presence and branding but also have the community feel Isaacs have.

The Delivery

We spent a lot of time getting to know Isaacs, they key players in management and the different departments and how the app can represent the different business interests.

Catering – In this area we worked with them to ensure the menu section of the app showcases the great menu Isaacs offer.

Events – The event team want to share with app owners what Isaacs offer as a venue.  This is a mix of sporting TV and an incredibly busy live act section.  We have covered this all in the app nicely with a section for each.

T&C’s – Yes, we even covered the dull parts of things as well.  Isaacs offer a lot to their staff so we have a simple policy that covers the use of their free WIFI and app specific offers.

Isaacs Gallery PicMarketing Isaacs – Isaacs want to see a return on what they spend with us so we have worked with them to create some in app only offers.

Location Services – The app leads people no matter where they are through to the doors of Isaacs.

Pictures – To better tempt people to Isaacs the app automatically updates from their social media accounts to include approved pictures.  This gives users a real understanding of the look, feel and crowd who visit.

Sharing – This enables users of the app to share the fact they have downloaded it with others.  This helps promote the Isaacs brand and for them to grow their community.

Messages – One of the most important parts of an app is the communication aspect of it.  The Isaacs app can send information out via push notifications to all app owners.  This has been used in a quiz but also to make people actively aware of the events coming up at Isaacs.  This has been really important for Isaacs.

The Results

The results are that PC Futures have again delivered an app on time and within budget.  The app is managed by us and this means it is updated, innovating and kept fresh for the customers of Isaacs.  It is also evolving, we speak with Isaacs and turn their event ideas into digital data.  We also ensure people see that data.

As a result we feel that the offers and high standard of service Isaacs offer to the Ipswich community are only enhanced by working in partnership with PC Futures.

To download the Isaacs app in either Apple or Android format please use the links below.

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