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Isaacs Weddings has it’s own Website

Anyone local to Ipswich will know Isaacs is a great place to visit.  It’s does food, drink and a great place to see relax with live music and to watch sport. They are also a VERY busy wedding venue and we were surprised to realise just how busy they are.

As a result they wanted to do much more on their website but we gave them an alternative idea and it involved video!

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As Isaacs is a well known multi use site we have been working hard to build a web presence and mobile app that suited them.  But, the weddings team at Isaacs wanted to do a lot more in the localised area of weddings.  They wanted to really push design and content to showcase how good they are.

We met with them and talked through the issues of them overloading the main Isaacs website with too much web content.  We also talked about if we built something dedicated then they could really show off what is special about them as a team and the venue they have.

We also wanted to show something off ourselves – Video on the homepage and we think we nailed it.


We looked at a range of designs and tried static images before eventually deciding that Video and images was the way to go.  We sourced the content and included their images and some we provided to give the site its eye catching appeal.  We had to keep the site mobile responsive and to make it look and feel like Isaacs.

We used a tiled image panes design to keep it looking smart and to make it easy for users to navigate.  There was a lot to cover in this project and it was something we think really looks the part.

We spent a lot of time finding the right theme for the site and adapting this to suit the needs of this client.


We had to adjust the site with some custom code to get things working perfectly and as a result the site really delivers.  The client knows they have a dedicated area to showcase what they do.  They also have a place to let people who contact by phone to look at what can be done for them on their big day.

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