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We do what we do because we are serious about helping small businesses and start-ups to achieve their goals.

ipswich based it support specialistsWe are a small business and could still be classed as a start-up so we understand the issues others face too. We know cash is important. We know building the right foundations to support growth is important too but we also have seen when costly mistakes with IT can do serious harm to a business.  We can help you take control of your IT and to understand the GOOD bits of IT and how it can and should work for you.

We can help you create the right foundations for your business with more than just technical advice. We believe in using technology to help you grow and to create foundations that are strong and always there.  IT should enable you through your business life-cycle, not hinder it.

If you are a start-up or a small business that understands you need technology to work for you, at a price you can afford, we can help and will recommend a solution that works for you.

The pay-off from this is making your life easy so you can concentrate on the things that will make your business grow. We offer business solutions through technology rather than technology that can be used in business.

We, like you, work hard and long hours, that’s why you can contact us when you want and even if you’re not looking to change suppliers a second opinion goes a long way.

We are backed and supported by some of the biggest players in the industry which enables us to enable you.  We are big supporters of Office 365 as we use it ourselves but also Microsoft CRM Online, another product we have deployed giving some stunning results.

We know who we can help, we don’t claim to be the biggest or the most technically experienced, however, with a host of happy customers we know what a small business needs to survive today and we know what technology will help it to achieve this.

Check out our fantastic IT Support Offer & Office 365

Look deeper into Data Control and CRM.


Most IT suppliers will confound you with a long list of technologies they offer and how great they are at delivering them. Well we could bore you with that if you want… Or, you could simply invite us in to talk about how you do business and how you want to improve it. We can then work with you to develop solutions that suit your needs, meet your price point and enable you to grow and focus on your business.

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Those Are Just A Few of the main services we offer, There Are Plenty More

  • Keeping you secure with Anti Virus & Anti Spam Solutions.

  • Keeping your data safe with Backup and Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery Solutions

  • Modern IT Platforms with Cloud technologies and Procurement advice and IT Kit supplies

  • Keeping you working with Managed Services, Holiday Cover and Real Time Monitoring.

  • Telling your story online – Websites, search engine optimisation,  mobile marketing solutions and Social Media

  • Making the right choices with Procurement and Supply.

  • Managing the work load with Project Management and Holiday Cover.

  • Making sure you have the right information with our Second Opinion services.

  • Making the most of what you have with our Training services.

  • Getting your clients to purchase from you with our in-app ecommerce

  • Getting the message to your customers with our app based Push Messaging

  • Getting your online presence higher up the ladder with our mobile marketing services

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