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Helping Levington Landscapes Grow

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Helping Levington Landscapes Grow
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When Rob Hart of Levington Landscapes Ltd approached us at PC Futures to produce another website for a second business he owns we were naturally pleased.  PC Futures had produced a new website for Drill Masters Ltd in Jan 2014 and as Levington Landscapes has grown they decided it would be good to give Levington its own space on the web.

As this is a smaller but growing business the directors wanted something simple to use but a good place to show off some of the work they produce for commercial clients.
With all our clients we go through our 5 question approach to get a full picture of what they want to achieve. Then we set about looking at the business case behind it and any possible pitfalls.


This was a fairly simple project. We worked with Levington Landscapes checking through some images they had to ensure we got the right look and feel. Also we produced a simple logo which told the story of what they do.  Levington and the team now have a place to showcase what they do, a site also built in WordPress and gave the directors some basic training so they can manage this and the Drill Masters Ltd site going forward. As ever hosted on our superfast solid state hard drive (SSD) web hosting.

This site was always meant to be a brochure site, so content to begin with but overtime the Levington team can add to it as their portfolio grows.


As ever we see ourselves as a leading force in East Anglian Web Development. We are constantly refining out skills and adding more innovative ways for businesses to stand out.

Rob Hart, of Levington Landscapes said…

“PC Futures have always been on hand to help with questions and simple advice so my business can grow and develop. They are very easy to work with and we look forward to working with them on other projects.  It is nice to see Levington Landscapes evolve and we look forward to showcasing our great work on our new site in 2015 and onwards.”

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