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Martlesham Leisures own Gym App

Local Gym App, Martlesham LeisureMartlesham Leisure wanted a method to connect to its customers and deliver news and information to them.  It also wanted to improve the family feel of the club by improving social networking to its community of members.  As a result PC Futures created a very specific gym app.

With many different facilities, classes and events the challenge was how to keep members up to date on what is happening and any amendments to the class times or court booking that might happen.  Martlesham Leisure is a busy gym with many parts to the business.  A messaging solution using text messages was considered but the costs were prohibitive and the functionality was not good enough for what Martlesham Leisure wanted to achieve.

The Solution

PC Futures recommended a mobile app built on it’s SKYRUNNER technology. The app would have all the main content that is available on the website but would also include functions and information that was app specific.  This would include adding classes to a members personal calendar, loyalty stamps and codes as well as easy access to the gyms social networking sites.

A key function of the gym app is to allow for push messaging to all app owners.  The cost saving vs traditional SME and text messaging was huge and this allowed for rich content to be sent to the membership.  It includes special offers and alerts on key parts of someone’s membership.  The biggest advantage to this aside from the cost saving is it is 100% real time.Martlesham Leisure App, Local Gym app

The Benefits

  • Quick and easy access to all Martlesham Leisure activities and information allowing members access to information wherever they are.
  • Social connectivity to promote member community and feedback allowing the club to gauge feedback and connect to its members using the power of social networking.
  • Easy to use booking features for courts and other classes, allowing members to book ‘on the go’.
  • Member loyalty card and coupons which drive app adoption and increase take up of classes and the use of facilities like the restaurant and café.
  • Free push messaging allowing Martlesham Leisure to quickly update members on special offers and last minute changes.

Android app Martlesham Leisure on Google Play, local gym app

Local Gym app on iTunes for Martlesham Leisure, local gym app



If you own a gym, speak to us as an app is a great, inexpensive medium of communication, it is future tech now.

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