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CRMOnline2Why Microsoft CRM Online for business works

Accurate information about customers’ needs and behaviour is essential to help a business to grow.  So, anything that helps take the hard work out of information gathering has to be good especially if it can help humans to sort and actually do something productive with that data.

There are plenty of “off the shelf” CRM (Customer Relationship Management) systems available but they may well be too complex and offer too much to the small business in its earlier stages.

The best solution is to have a system that is customised to gather data and help with customer interaction but at the same time has the capacity to be scalable as a business grows and we have found Microsoft CRM Online to be fit for the job.


The essentials of a good, well thought out CRM

The first stage is to understand what information the business needs. Keeping track of customer accounts and activity will help the sales team. Providing information on customer behaviour and reactions to offers, campaigns, interaction with the company’s website and social media as well as how they do so – by mobile phone, PC, tablet, laptop – is important for the marketing team.

A CRM system can, if the business wishes, also include a set of automatic alerts or even responses when there has been a communication from a new or existing customer.  This means staff can get back to them quickly and if other parts of the business need to be involved they can be made aware that something is happening.

Having a well thought out CRM can save a business a great deal of time and money as well as helping it to build its reputation for customer care and service.  This seems to be a hard thing to find these days!


The list of essentials for a custom CRM, such as the Microsoft Dynamics software that PC Futures uses are:CRMOnline 1

  • Easy to integrate with a company’s current processes and data management.
  • Solid back-up and support.
  • Scalability, it will grow with the business without the need to start again every few years
  • Easy to integrate with other business processes, it can share in email, phone activities, HR and other aspects.
  • It provides accurate customer data to the sales, marketing or customer service teams so they can react quickly.
  • Simple for staff to use – and this is a BIG point!
  • Remote access when staff are on the move as customers and staff increasingly embrace mobile technology.
  • An easy, straightforward set-up for analysing the data the CRM is gathering.
  • Actual list management or the potential to do so as the business grows.
  • Lead generation and tracking follow-up.

The secret to business success and growth is to understand customers’ profiles, their buying behaviour and their needs.  When a company knows this then you can do everything possible to meet their requirements and this breeds business.  This is where a the right CRM system can help a business to build a name for itself because they respond correctly to the needs of their customers.

At PC Futures we have done some great projects with Microsoft CRM Online 2015.  We have built in some great integration with other 3rd party software and websites to enable clients more interaction, more results and more happy customers.

If you would like to take ownership of your data call us today on 01473 527423.


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