Ipswich SEO with PC Futures

PC Futures create a Round Table app for Ipswich members group Round Table.  Ipswich Round Table have around 25 members locally and asked us to create a method of keeping members up to date with the latest events and important information.  The membership of Round Table all have different day jobs and as a result it can be hard for the committee and social organsisers to keep people up to date with activities.  We have enhanced their communication channels via a simple to use Round Table app

Personal and work email addresses, mobile numbers and text messages are not always effective and don’t scale with the expected uptake in membership and activity.

As a social organisation Round Table wanted a cost effective solution that didn’t impact on the funds generated for the causes they support

The Solution

PC Futures are proud to support the Ipswich Round Table and as such they offered to produce an app on their SKYRUNNER platform.

The app was developed with security in mind and access to the app is only granted through a secure log on.  Members contact details and locations are stored within the app and access is simple.  The app has built in direction software meaning members have no excuse for being late to meetings due to getting lost and in the event of a problem each member can call one another.

Core information is stored that is specific to the organisation and members can confirm they are attending events via the app so everyone can see what is taking place.  With interactive functionality,  information tabs and access to images and social media the app has wide ranging features.

Built in push messaging solution allows the leadership team to send out messages to all app owners informing them of important news or updates.

Ipswich Round Table and PC Futures are working on a generic model to demonstrate to the national Round Table Exec.


  • Quick and easy access to core information allowing members to never forget The Grace!
  • Mapping and contact information allowing members to see who is local to them and giving them travel directions to the next meeting
  • Push messaging to all app owners allowing for a free way to stay in contact with all members
  • Social networking core functionality allowing members to share photos and information to a wider audience.
  • Important information for new members to enable them to integrate into the group easier.  It removes some of the ‘new boy’ feel as history and key notes are stored in the app.

Android app on Google Play


For more information on Ipswich Round Table please click here.