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Will Mobile Apps replace Websites?

Well in honesty it is hard to say what the next 5 years or so will bring for mobile apps and websites.

Take us for example, we work in both spaces and know the value of each of them.  The odd thing is mobile devices like iPads are more and more popular, not just for consumers either.  Company directors are now wanting to be able to run their companies on the move.  As this demand is supported by cheaper and faster internet so we should have clear skies ahead.

Mobile apps instead of websites?

For us the app market is where the growth is.  No longer are people having to sit at their PC and tap away to find the products and services we need, many do it on the train home or in the kitchen on a tablet. Take books for example, now are read on mobile devices simply because the download is instant for the consumer and there is no delivery charge.

For me I prefer a paperback book but the digital market is a monster and still growing, just look at Amazon.  Is this a bad thing, not really it is just progress and as much as I have many paperback books I also have a lot of digital ones.

Websites vs Apps

Your website is your own commercial brochure, people can see who you are and view your products and services with a view to buying from you.  A mobile app lets you do much the same, but it should have different content and become a more proactive marketing tool than your website.  Yes you can email people through a website but that requires people to be at their PC or at least on their email.  It can often go into spam folders and even get you blacklisted for spamming.

The power of Push Messaging is something mobile apps have over websites as well as interactive location services.  It’s this power that can put your company on someones phone or mobile device.  A mobile app has the ability to give you real traction and the mobile market is growing compared to the desktop side.

Will one replace the other?

I doubt it to be honest as there will always be a need for both.  People want to see a big picture on a PC, a medium one on a tablet and a small one when out in the middle of nowhere on their phone.  It is that simple.  Both have their places and I view the app market as where websites were 10 years ago.  It is growing tech and there are some real wonders coming out in 2014 so watch this space.


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