A New Site for Morgan Law (Financial Services) Limited

We were referred to Morgan Law (Financial Services) by a friend who works at the business. It was very nice of us to be refereed to them and we know the team at Morgan Law (Financial Services) are pleased with the site we’ve produced.

As Morgan Law deal in the financial sector the site needed to be exceptionally clear with any information that it was giving to visitors as this is part of the Financial Conduct Authority code which they work too.


Morgan Law (Financial Services) Limited a long time was part of another business. Many years later they are still going but as a totally separate entity. As a result they never really needed to look at getting online as they deal very much with people and a lot of their work comes from referral.

It was time though they decided to get a web presence of their own and they were refereed onto us. The directors at PC Futures met with the senior managers to look at what we could to go give them a standout presence of their own.

We had a number of meetings on this project to talk about how best to use our web development skills do deliver what our client needed. The staff at Morgan Law (Financial Services) had all of the content prepared and a very clear and precise idea on what they wanted the site to do. All we needed to do was make it look the part.

We took this a stage further though and suggested some slight alterations to their original plan. This was to give the site a better standing in Search Engines for their specific service pages.


We met a few times during the build to go through what development work we had done, to talk over designs and to ensure that our client understood what we were doing and why. We did some alterations on graphics and image work to ensure the site fitted their needs and remained FCA compliant.

On this project we used many of the high end tools which we know inside out. WordPress was the main website CMS to use and we are hosting the site on our own fast SSD hosting platform where we handle the backups to keep the site in top working order.

We added specific pages for the key services they offer as well as plenty of contact details for people to get in touch with Morgan Law (Financial Services) staff.


When we were given the ‘go live’ from the client we turned the site public facing. Now our clients staff can see their new website AND it can be shown off to their new and existing customers.

We know the team are pleased with their new site and we are sure we will be doing plenty of work with them in the future.
We have received a lot of thanks from the Morgan Law (Financial Services) team who we worked with on this project.