Multimedia Reputations

A Move Away From Joomla to WordPress

Multimedia Reputations is an Ipswich based Copywriting business.  The business owner works with a range of companies to craft strong content for Websites, Training Manuals and Print.  They wanted to replace their old cumberson Joomla site with an easier to use WordPress one.

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We already provided some hosting services to Multimedia Reputations and also we manage and support their Office 365 services and remote IT management which is what led them to us to begin with.

The business already had an old site.  It had been using Joomla as it’s platform for some time but the owner didn’t like the user interface for Joomla.  She also manages content for some of her own clients on WordPress so it made sense to move her business to this platform.

We met with her and went through the content that she wanted to keep and what the site could do with adding.  We also covered a few design and layout changes to give it a better look and feel to the old site.


We built the site with WordPress to ensure it was mobile compliant and that it was with a theme easy enough for the client to mange it going forward. We took the existing artwork, some of it created specifically for her site and we adapted it to be included in the new website.

This was a simple site to build and we had a budget to work within.  As a result it was delivered on-time and within budget to our happy client.


The client has a site they can look after with no additional training needed.  As a result the site has settled in well and working great for our customer.

If you own a small business or have a new idea you want to take online we can help.  Feel free to call us on 01473 527423 or contact us through the site.


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