Creating an Agile IT Platform

When My Care At Home started they wanted an IT system that will not break the bank but deliver what they need. Office 365 and PC Futures was the answer.



The two business owners of My Care At Home had a limited budget when they first started out but needed an effective way of sharing data and emails that was reliable and secure. The IT hardware was mainly home use laptops and they were not working from an office.

The plans for the company were to grow rapidly so they needed a platform that was agile and able to grow with them and more importantly they pay for growth as they go.

The Solution

The choice of solution was easy. Microsoft Office 365 would give them all of the flexibility they needed to deliver enterprise class emails, share appointment information, all of which is delivered securely and reliably.

Microsoft Office 365 by default allows use on mobile phones or through any web browser which means that My Care At Home need never miss an appointment or email.

Adding new colleagues to the system is easy and cost effective as you don’t need to purchase licences in advance and simply add new users and pay when they are added. This proved an excellent way of keeping costs in line with growth.

My Care At Home already used Dropbox for data sharing, because they were well established and comfortable using this solution there was no point in changing it.

To supplement Microsoft Office 365 we put in a support contract that allows us to monitor all workstations in real time and gain access to these machines remotely when needed to fix any issues or make changes.


My Care At Home have now got an enterprise level IT system that grows with their growth and is available on multiple devices.